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  De Ahin al pico de la Batalla
» 1,9 MiB - 1.730 hits - 9 marzo 2009
PDF, creado por Jose Vicente Talon, del C.E. Vila-real, explicando esta ruta.

  Eslida - Coll Roig - Nevera de Castro - Eslida
» 203,3 KiB - 1.489 hits - 9 noviembre 2008
Ruta circular de 10 kilometros

  Fichero de prueba - GPS Virtual
» 39,1 MiB - 1.181 hits - 5 junio 2013
El fichero incluye un mapa de la cartografia del ICN, sacado de la web de iogrea para realizar la prueba, estos ficheros son de dominio publico mientras no se haga uso con fines comerciales.

  Mapc 2 Mapc
» 2,1 MiB - 1.613 hits - 26 abril 2010
MAPC2MAPC is a program to calibrate maps and convert calibration files for digital maps from one format to another. Will read and write MAP (Ozi), JPR (Memory-map, Fugawi), GMI (GPSTuner), MCD (GPSMAPOS, GPSGO), CAL (Pathaway), TFW (Mapyx/Quo). Will also read KML, KMZ, GUX (GPSU) and IMP(CompeGPS). Will handle different input datums but always writes WGS84. Will also write the calibrated map as 'tiles' for Trekbuddy or Garmin Custom Maps (animated guide here). Calibrated maps can be rescaled or cropped whilst preserving the calibration. Calibrated maps may be merged or joined together. There is a description of things it can do here and more technical information in the readme file.

  osdModLive 0.21
» 9,8 MiB - 1.519 hits - 21 abril 2010

  Procedimiento garmin para la creacion de Custom Maps
» 1,6 KiB - 1.278 hits - 26 abril 2010
Fichero PDF donde se explica como crear custom maps

  Vilafranca als Monllats
» 228,4 KiB - 1.477 hits - 9 noviembre 2008
Ruta del S.M.E. con el C.E.Vila-real como guia en la que participe todo el material contenido en este fichero esta creado por Xavier Goterris para el C.E.Vila-real bajo Creative Commons

» 89,0 MiB - 1.012 hits - 21 abril 2010 * updated to official fw 1.02.21!!! * official Movie Sheet release, includes titi's wall & sheet templates * included Xmodpt's coolsmile irc & filemanager webend mods * UMSP customization (/conf/umsp.php for custom Media-Items) * updated derlinuxers webplugin scripts; add system&plugin daemon status & start/stop * domain wide auth to protect web services * updated nzbget to 0.7.0-r380 & nzbgetweb to 1.4-t7 * included unpackfs-0.0.6 * included subversion-1.6.9-r901367 * included ImageMagic-6.6.1-4 * changed nzbget default DestDir from /boot -> /tmp (must change before using!!!) * fixed options mess up in crazymount preventing osd/app mounting * all irc settings are persistent * fixed passworded Samba shares & 1.02.21 * fixed load.webplugin for UMSP/Deluge/nzbgetweb/etc * added link target to webend links for new tab / no js * fixed .rootFS loading * update webend css to make left column wider * corrected S00custom-options with movie sheet types & Samba protection * fixed custom villa_bg.jpg and screen_saver.png * patched crazymount to fix .addMounts functionality * fixed typo's in several osd files * increased php UploadMaxFileSize to 4M * lots&lots of random script maintenance & optimizations * even more logging (bug report included in webend) *** BUGS: * no thumbs in first two levels of local folders view